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Low, boxy, and definitively cool, the Tolle transcends any one style. It’s all how you dress this distinctive Comfort Sleeper collection that makes the difference. Like airy clean European looks? Try white leather. Are you some one who changes their look every few years? A nubby fabric or microfiber makes the classic shape a style-chameleon. For a beautiful Western look, choose a distressed leather and nailheads. How ever you choose, no one will ever guess your guest bedroom is inside. Also available in matching standard pieces for a coordinated look.

    * Overall Height | 37"
    * Overall Depth | 41"
    * Arm Height | 24"
    * Seat Depth | 23"
    * Overall Width | 85"
    * Wall Clearance | Zero wall clearance"

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American Leather was founded in 1990 on one revolutionary idea: custom leather furniture could be made and shipped in three weeks or less. Founder/CEO Bob Duncan applied “just-in-time” manufacturing he admired from the Japanese car industry to the furniture industry. From a small four person shop, the company has grown into a thriving leader in the furniture industry, with over 130 different collections sold in over 650 stores, including Room and Board, Crate and Barrel, Macy’s, Design Within Reach, and Relax the Back.

The factory, based just outside of Dallas, Texas, still makes furniture – now in leather and fabric – in just three weeks or less, a delivery standard that’s three times faster than the industry average. From the beginning, the factory was set up to manage mass customization through the latest technology and manufacturing systems, making American Leather the most automated leather furniture manufacturer in North America, if not the world.